Pocket Treasures

Pocket Treasures Gillian McAuliffe

Pocket Treasures

Being a hunter and gatherer is one of the ways which children interact with their world. They collect sticks, flowers, stones, nuts, feathers and even bugs as they move through their days.  Most often the items collected are small  ‘treasures’ of different textures, shapes, colours , maybe these collections are a window into the day and memories of a child. If a child has a pocket they often collect in the pockets to be discovered by adults giving them a window into the world of the child.

Melissa Kaseman has created a beautiful photographic memory of the treasures found in her small son’s pockets. The result is beautiful!

What can you find in the pockets of your child?

Melissa Kaseman・Preschool Pocket Treasures

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Preschool Pocket Treasures is a photographic archive of the tiny magical objects found stuffed in the pockets of my son, Calder, after each day at preschool. I have always been drawn to photography’s capacity to suspend moments of transition and change, often overlooked or forgotten, left only to be sensed when a memory is triggered. This project was born out of a desire to capture these magical moments of his boyhood and his development. I aim to create an archive of this fleeting episode through the use of color, object, and order printed at 16″x20″.