Nature & Place-Based Learning

Pedagogista・Certified Zentangle Teacher・Nature Learning Consultant

What is Nature & Place-Based Learning


Gillian McAuliffe is the founding director of Bold Park Community School, in Perth Western Australia, which has been established by parents to provide children from three to eighteen years with the opportunity to engage with a social constructionist learning environment.


The importance of Nature Learning


As Founder of Bold Park Community School, I have been dedicated to building an educational environment for children in the Western Suburbs of Perth Western Australia. Bold Park Community School started as a kindergarten in 1994 before pursuing the goal to become a school which would provide education for the whole child and a model of excellence for education in the 21st century. Understanding the challenges of a changing world but keeping hold of what it means to live in a community, successfully and with respect. By studying many educational philosophers and pedagogies, integrating nature education and applying practical Wisdom, the school has come to be known for it’s cutting-edge environments.

Bold Park Community School became my life’s work which in 2016 I have left to allow the community to continue to develop passionate and dedicated educators. Now I am enjoying with other groups of educators to help them follow their dreams.

Have you ever wondered why the light goes out in children’s eyes? Why young children ask so many questions, notice so much and wonder about everything? Somewhere, somehow we forget to wonder and stop seeing the world around us, why children stop drawing in middle childhood and how few of us never start again. Why do we keep our children so safe that they are damaged by the cocoon we wrap them in, I do, I wonder if decisions were made which paid attention to Practical Wisdom would we preserve the wonder and joy of childhood.

I have made it my mission in life to create and support children and families by making decisions which attempt to achieve:


The journey which I have taken has had many twists and turns, and the world has changed so much in the last fifteen years that perhaps more than ever it is an imperative that we seek balance and harmony in our lives.

Seeking depth and seeing everything as a whole and a whole made of parts.

Engaging Nature as an educator of our knowledge and our soul.

Preserving and enhancing creativity.